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It may seem easy to Buy this valuable product at first glance, but it becomes a little difficult after knowing its types and the existence of non-reliable sources in the market. There are many profiteers in the market who supply low-quality and fake Saffron to customers with the name of the original product. Unfortunately, with the spread of this product in the market, the number of small sellers has increased and maybe the last product you bought is not of good quality

The only sure way to Buy the product is to get it from a reputable source. Cooperating with a store that many customers are satisfied with and always offers original goods is the only way to get high-quality products in this field. In addition to Buying Saffron in person, you can order it online. Buying Saffron online has also made the work of professional chefs easier by knowing a reliable authority

Important Points in Buying Saffron

You should always pay attention to some points when Buying a product so that you can get the desired product. When Buying Saffron, you should also consider some things to get first-class Saffron at a reasonable price. Below are some important points.

It is suggested to increase your information to Buy Saffron to get a fresh product from a reputable store.

Saffron price

Some people think that they have made a successful purchase by browsing the market and finding a cheaper product. Note that when Buying any product, you should not sacrifice quality for price. By Buying a product with a higher price, you may use it more often and it will be more economical. Price is indeed an important parameter for Buyers, but in choosing the right product, all aspects should be considered not just the price factor.

Our Saffron is ISO-certified and you will be satisfied with the processing, packaging, and quality of our first-class Saffron. In addition, our Saffron is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and independently tested in a laboratory to have the highest degree of taste, color, and aroma under the ISO 3632 standard.

All Saffron A+ Saffrons have been tested in the laboratory and have passed all quality checks before leaving the factory.

Our Saffron is 100% guaranteed pure Saffron without chemicals, additives, and preservatives.

Buy Saffron

Guide to Buying Saffron:
So far, we have learned about Saffron, its properties, and its types.

Now that we know which type of Saffron we should Buy, we should pay attention to other points that we will explain further.

These tips are written based on the experiences of Buyers and Sellers.

And it is necessary to pay attention to the mentioned points so as not to suffer possible losses.

Guide to distinguishing original Saffron from fake:
As mentioned, the limited production and laborious and expensive planting of this product have made profit seekers think of cheating on this strategic product.

The profit-seeking people in this market, without considering the special loss of life and money to the Saffron consumers, only think about their profit and endanger people’s health by producing fake Saffron.

Fraud in Saffron, in addition to the risks it has for customers due to the lack of prosperity of the sales market, also causes huge losses to the farmer.

In the following, we discuss the methods of cheating in Saffron and ways to prevent it.

Cheating methods in Saffron:
Increasing the weight of Saffron by adding impurities to it
Coloring the white (cream) of Saffron
Using artificial color in fake Saffron
Adding thread-like ingredients to the original Saffron

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