Buy saffron in Colombo Sri Lanka

Buy saffron in Colombo Sri Lanka

Buy saffron in Colombo Sri Lanka

In this Saffron Buying guide article, we will point out the points that you should pay attention to before Buying Saffron so that you can Buy the best type of Saffron.

It is necessary to research the product before Buying anything so as not to lose money, time, and even life!

Saffron is known as a strategic product in the world, a product that attracts profit seekers due to its high price.

The high price of this product has caused profiteers to endanger the health of consumers by adding chemicals to various items such as corn stigmas.

In this article, we have tried to reach a comprehensive guide for Buying Saffron without any exaggeration and based on the experiences of Buyers and Sellers.

If you intend to buy quality Saffron, be sure to read this article until the end.

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The structure of Saffron:

Saffron, known by the scientific name Crodus Stativus, is made from a spherical bulb with brown skin.

Each Saffron flower has 6 petals, which have medicinal and industrial uses.

Among these 6 petals, there are 3 yellow stamens and 3 red stigmas (sometimes 2 and sometimes 4 stigmas), the same color as Saffron.

Almost all the properties of this tonic plant are found in the stigma and cream (Saffron root attached to the stigma).

Buy Saffron in Colombo Sri Lanka

Saffron properties:

Whatever we say about the properties of this plant, we have said little, and the properties of this plant are not hidden from anyone.

From the properties, it has on treating depression to treating cancer and even its effect on the beauty of the skin!

The general properties of Saffron are as follows:

to be joyful



Heart booster

Preventing the increase of cholesterol, triglycerides, and bad blood fat

Improve blood flow

pain relief

Reduction of swelling in tissues due to trauma

blood maker

Protector of brain cells

Stomach tonic

Preventing the development of genetic eye diseases


Treatment of asthma

Treatment of skin diseases, jaundice and…

Buy Saffron in Colombo Sri Lanka

Types of Saffron and their differences:

Most likely, if you were planning to buy saffron, you would come across different names such as Sargol saffron, Negin saffron, etc.

If you are not familiar with the types of Saffron, you will get confused about which type of Saffron to Buy!

In the following, we will explain each type of Saffron and we will tell you which type of Saffron is suitable for you and which type of Saffron you should Buy.

Saffron Flower

Saffron is mainly sold in the following 6 categories:

Bunch Saffron

Pushal Saffron

Sargol Saffron

Negin Saffron

Super Negin Saffron

Royal Luxury Saffron

  1. Bunch Saffron: After the Saffrons are completely separated from the flower along with the root (white Saffron), they are dried in the same way.
  2. Pushal Saffron: This Saffron includes the stigma along with some roots (white Saffron).
  3. Sargol Saffron: It is the most famous type of Saffron, this type of Saffron the red part of Saffron, the yellow part, and the root are not seen.
  4. Nagin Saffron: This type of Saffron is more expensive due to its high coloring and fragrance. Semi-Negin and Super-Negin Saffron are derived from this type of Saffron.
  5. Super Nagin Saffron: This type of Saffron is one of the Best Saffron and its drying method is different
  6. Royal luxury Saffron: In addition to its excellent quality, this type of Saffron is more modern and is presented in luxury packaging.

Buy Saffron in Colombo Sri Lanka

Which type of Saffron should I Buy?

There are a few things to consider when Buying.

The most important indicators for Buying Saffron are the price and quality of that type of Saffron.

If you are looking for Saffron that has excellent quality has all the properties of Saffron and most importantly has a reasonable price, Sargol Saffron is the most suitable type of Saffron.

But you should note that due to its nature, Sargol Saffron is highly susceptible to fraud and must be procured from a reputable place.

The possibility of cheating in bunch Saffron is less because the stigma is attached to the white root.

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Guide to Buying Saffron:

So far, we have learned about Saffron, its properties, and its types.

Now that we know which type of Saffron we should Buy, we should also pay attention to other points that we will explain later.

These tips are written based on the experiences of Buyers and Sellers.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the mentioned points so as not to suffer possible losses.

Buy Saffron in Colombo Sri Lanka

Guide to distinguishing original Saffron from fake:

As mentioned, the limited production and laborious and expensive planting of this product have made profit seekers think of cheating this strategic product.

The profit-seeking people in this market, without considering the special loss of life and money to the Saffron consumers, only think about their profit and endanger people’s health by producing fake Saffron.

Fraud in Saffron, in addition to the risks it has for customers due to the low prosperity of the sales market, also causes huge losses to the farmer.

In the following, we discuss the methods of cheating in Saffron and ways to prevent it.

Cheating Methods in Saffron:

Increasing the weight of Saffron by adding impurities to it

Coloring the white (cream) of Saffron

Using artificial color in fake Saffron

Adding thread-like ingredients to the original Saffron

Buy Pure Saffron

Ways to identify original Saffron from fake Saffron:

  1. Aroma and flavor of original Saffron: Original Saffron has a bitter taste and a sweet aroma.
  2. Use of straw paper: The real Saffron must leave a trace of fat on the straw paper, otherwise it will be fake.
  3. Appearance characteristics of Saffron: Saffron stigmas should be curved and if they are too shiny, the authenticity of Saffron should be doubted.
  4. Use of methane gas flame: put the pieces of Saffron on the butane gas flame, if the Saffron is pure, it will turn purple or orange.
  5. Detection with gasoline: Saffron does not dissolve in gasoline; If you put some Saffron in gasoline and the gasoline becomes colored, your Saffron is fake and has artificial colors.
  6. Detection with boiling water: put some Saffron branches in boiling water, if the color of the branches changes from red to white, it is fake Saffron, because the color of the original Saffron does not change quickly in boiling water.
  7. Diagnosis with baking soda: original Saffron turns yellow in baking soda and fake Saffron turns red.

Buy Saffron in Colombo Sri Lanka

How much Saffron should I Buy?

Always try to Buy as much Saffron as you need.

Because Saffron will lose its flavor if not stored well.

Depending on your consumption, three shekels will be enough for one to three months to prepare food, tea, syrup, and Saffron tea.

With this account, on average, 12 shekels will be enough for one year.

You can Buy 3 shekels every 3 months to maintain the quality of Saffron and not have to go shopping in a short period!

It is suggested not to keep Saffron for more than one year.

One-year Saffron will have a good aroma and quality, but it will not be as fresh as Saffron.

If you plan to store Saffron for a long time, you should keep the Saffron in a metal package to preserve the aroma and quality.

The Saffron you Buy from Saffron A+ is sold in metal packaging so that you can be at ease.

What do you want Saffron for?

If you intend to prepare Saffron for food and Saffron tea, Sargol Saffron will be the best choice for you.

Because this type of Saffron has the best flavor and color and has a reasonable price.

But if you only use Saffron for its properties, white Saffron contains all the properties of Saffron and has the lowest price among all types of Saffron.

Among other uses of Saffron is its use in industry for therapeutic, edible, and coloring purposes.

Also, Saffron is widely used in baking to decorate cakes.

Buy Quality Saffron

Is quality more important to you or price?

As mentioned, the highest quality Saffron is Super Negin, but its price is more expensive than other types of Saffron.

If there is no financial problem, you can Buy this type of Saffron.

But Sargol Saffron has the same coloring and properties as precious Saffron, even though it has a lower price.

The only difference between them is the connection of stigmas in precious Saffron.

Our and other Sellers’ offer to our dear Buyers is Negin Saffron.

Buy Saffron in Colombo Sri Lanka

What is the best brand of Saffron?

It is not possible to say for sure which brand is better than others.

If you are planning to Buy Saffron, we suggest that you do not Buy brand Saffron for the following reasons.

Brand Saffrons such as Saharkhiz Saffron, Mustafavi Saffron, etc. only take their brand money.

And because their products have a wide variety and are sold in large quantities, quality is not the priority.

If you intend to Buy Saffron, you can Buy original Saffron from stores that exclusively Sell Saffron.

You can find these stores with a simple Google search.

Due to competition, Saffron online stores try to increase the quality and reduce the price.

Saffron A+ store is one of the most reliable Saffron stores where you can order Super Negin original Qayinat Saffron with the guarantee of product authenticity and product return.

An advantage that we do not see in famous brands’ Saffron, is that if the coloring or flavor of Saffron is not good, there is no possibility of returning the product.

Buy Saffron Online

Where is the best Saffron in the world grown?

If you have traveled to the Mashhad, you have likely come across Saffron signs in the markets (Reza Bazaar).

Qaenat is one of the cities of South Khorasan province, which is famous for products such as Saffron, barberry, and jujube.

Of course, in recent years, Saffron is also cultivated in other parts of the country.

But the quality of Qaenat Saffron cannot be ignored.

The existing tests on Qaenat Saffron, which have evaluated the coloring power of Saffron, prove this claim.

Due to the high quality of this Saffron, its price is much more expensive than the Saffron of other cities.

Unfortunately, some profiteers mix other Saffron with Qaynat Saffron and Sell it as Qaenat Saffron.

For this reason, you should pay attention to where you get Saffron from.

The Saffron that is sold in Saffron A+ is the original Saffron of the Qaenat.

Buy first-class saffron

Buy Saffron in Colombo Sri Lanka

Where to Buy Qaenat Saffron?

There are many ways to Buy original Qaenat Saffron, below we mention 4 ways to Buy Qaenat Saffron:

Buy from Saffron A+ online store

Direct purchase from farmers

Purchase from the market of Mashhad

Buying Saffron from the Qaenat market

  1. Buy from the Saffron A+ online store:

The safest and easiest way to Buy Qaenat Saffron online is to Buy from the Saffron A+ online store.

By eliminating intermediaries, Saffron A+ always tries to deliver a quality product at the most reasonable price to its dear customers.

  1. Direct purchase from farmers:

The most reliable and at the same time the most difficult way to Buy Saffron in the world is to Buy it from a farmer.

  1. Purchase from the market of Mashhad:

Saffron is one of the best-selling souvenirs of Mashhad, and many people who come to Mashhad for recreation or pilgrimage Buy the Saffron they need from the market of this city.

Of course, we must remember that due to the presence of some profiteers and fraudsters, it cannot be guaranteed that the Saffron available in the Mashhad market is Qaenat Saffron.

Also, the presence of middlemen has made the Saffron you Buy from the Mashhad market 20 to 50% more expensive than its real price!

  1. Buying Saffron from Qaenat Bazaar:

Another sure way to Buy Saffron in Qaenat Iran is to visit the city of Qaen and Buy from Saffron Shops, which of course is a bit difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.

Buy the best saffron in the world

The final summary of the Saffron Buying guide:

Due to the limited production and high price of Saffron, unfortunately, profit-seeking people are more concerned about their pockets than they are about people’s health.

This factor causes financial and life losses if we Buy Saffron from an uncertain market!

The Saffron A+ collection was launched in 2015 to provide quality

We do our best to always gain the trust and satisfaction of our dear Buyers by providing high-quality and organic products.

You can Buy the original Qaenat Saffron from Saffron A+ without any worries.

To Buy Saffron in Colombo Sri Lanka you can get help from Saffron A+, Buy the best quality Saffron, order online, and have it delivered to your home.

Buy Saffron in Colombo Sri Lanka

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